Top Hardware Platforms for Internet of Things IoT

Gembo provides a smart city solution with great data analytics, visualization and monitoring. It helps city utility managers gain real-time insights into the overall effectiveness of their waste processing, power, water purifier plants, etc. It supports a large variety of utility equipment for instant time-to-big-data. Intel is by no doubt one of the major leaders of the semiconductor kingdom and it was no surprise when they released a couple of boards with IoT enabling features a while back. While they have discontinued support for some of the old boards, some of these boards are still being used for rapid prototyping by makers and product development by designers.

microcontrollers vendors with iot platform

Particle hardware offerings include industrial-grade connectivity modules and development kits created for IoT developers. Their starter kit includes a Wi-Fi-enabled development board and several modules that gather different types of information, such as light and ultrasonic range. As much as the first aspect (partner ecosystem) and third aspect (Leadership commitment) are most applicable to large IoT platform vendors, this aspect is rather applicable to small IoT platform vendors. Small vendors have the chance to stand out with an offering that is tailored to one specific customer need, one specific industry or that embraces one specific business model.

PSoC™ 6: Purpose-built for the IoT

Using Altaricore, users can have precise collaboration in analysis of data in real-time. Altairicore customers have appreciated the platform for its great usability, something critical to engage the end-users. One example, an automotive OEM in Germany pre-selected ten IoT platform vendors and invited them to perform 2-day Proof-of-Concepts in a real production setting. Following this, two of the best vendors were selected for 3-month PoCs and were further ranked on their capabilities. Finally, recommendations by the IoT team involved in the PoCs were made to the steering committee and the head of plant automation made the final decision.

microcontrollers vendors with iot platform

MCUs are different from the microprocessors that are found in personal computers because they are specifically designed for embedded applications where computing is not the sole purpose of the application. Companies like Siemens, Bosch, and GE have all made their IoT Platform a core part of their corporate strategy. PTC’s CEO Jim Heppelman spent over $600M in recent years to build out their Thingworx platform and refocus the entire company on IoT. It is said that PTC doesn’t have the role of the CTO – rather Heppelman occupies that spot as well, creating a direct link between his IoT vision as the CEO and its translation into the organization’s technology strategy.

Set up a simulated IoT device on your PC in minutes.

Most IoT devices have to be small and work based on relatively low energy consumption. This is particularly true for resource-constrained devices, which might operate far from a central system and use low-powered batteries to function. The global IoT microcontroller market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.7% from 2022 to 2030 to reach USD 12.94 billion by 2030. Look for reviews, reliability data, and customer feedback to ensure you choose a trusted and high-quality microcontroller. Determine if it can accommodate future expansion or additional functionality requirements of your IoT application.

  • A compact, low-power electronic device known as a microcontroller for IoT is intended to manage and control linked devices and sensors in an IoT system.
  • Availability of training material is good, end user supports needs a special mention and they are super quick for issue resolution.
  • Furthermore, enterprises compelled employees to work remotely, as a result of which, the market experienced a sudden increase in demand for IoT-enabled smart devices, wearables, home computers, and mobile phones.
  • Superpedestrian uses design, robotics and mobile technology to develop human-powered mobility for cities.
  • SimpliSafe makes wireless/cellular home security systems that are disaster-ready, protected against power outages, operate on extra-secure networks and employ deep encryption.
  • Like Adafruit and particle, Arduino also has a cloud service dedicated to be used by certain Arduino boards including; the MKR1000, Arduino Yun/Yun Shield and the Arduino 101/WiFi Shield 101.

With Particle’s team of IoT experts, who provide end-to-end professional services, you can develop your product from concept to production. Mprest has an off-the-shelf application which provides a great time to market and quality. It has good interoperability with existing toolsets and thus gives flexibility to the customer.

Popular Microcontroller For IoT

Several of the analyzed companies still fail to tell existing customer success stories. One of the major IoT platform vendors analyzed, for example, only recently launched a central landing page showing potential customers ways in which the . With ThingSpeak, engineers and scientists can prototype and create IoT systems without setting up servers or developing web software. Your device or application can communicate with ThingSpeak through a RESTful API, and you can either keep your data private or public. “Their utility for addressing real-time, sensor-based and redundancy needs make them a clear choice for many projects.” Some use CPUs, field-programmable gate arrays, application-specific integrated circuits or GPUs.

Great IoT platform which is preferred for analysis and digital manufacturing usage. After Implementation of UnifyTwin Platform , we have been able to perform Realtime monitoring of our cement production , critical process parameters. Multilevel KPI monitoring dashboards have helped our production team to achieve significant benefits. Alert notifications of the process deviations has helped us to reduce operational risk and reduced downtime as well. In short, my experience with MindSphere has been nothing less than exceptional. Mindsphere comes with a steep learning curve, but once I understood how to apply the root MindSphere framework to our business’ case things were very straightforward and easy to use.

ESP NOW Protocol with ESP32

In this article, we’re going into detail on the essentials of microcontrollers for IoT. This FREE sample includes market data points, ranging from trend analyses to market estimates & forecasts. To accommodate a variety of complex use cases, it supports both wireless and wired protocols (BLE/Zigbee/Z-Wave/Wi-Fi/LTE 4G/Ethernet/Modbus/Bacnet/CAN/KNX). Assess the cost of the microcontroller, as well as the availability of the components in your region. Ensure that the microcontroller is within your budget and readily available for purchase. Now let’s talk about the operating system that runs on top of the Microcontroller hardware.

microcontrollers vendors with iot platform

PIC (pronounced as “pick”; stands for Programmable Intelligent Computer) is a family of microcontrollers manufactured by Microchip Technology. PIC MCUs were iot platform vendors popular among developers before the rise of Arduino development boards. But still, PIC MCUs are heavily used in the large-scale production of IoT devices.

Why use an MCU for IoT

With several inspiring use cases, emanating on a daily basis, multiple firms are now discovering how they could leverage on the technology for business growth. It is fast becoming an important feature for new devices to be IoT based, irrespective of the other technologies implemented and according to gartner, by 2020, 95% of new devices and systems will use the IoT. We already discussed about some popular IoT devices available in the market and also developed many DIY projects based on IoT. Raspberry Pi makes single-board computers, microcontroller boards and chips, and personal computer kits. Well-known and revered for their accessibility, Raspberry Pi products are popular among younger users but also useful for IoT development projects.

LogMeIn recently sold their Xively platform to Google, as Xively mostly failed to get the strategic integration to existing LogMeIn offerings or the market promotion from leadership required to get the platform off the ground. Successful platforms publicly share customer success stories via their dedicated website, at conferences as well as via direct email / social media marketing campaigns. Some go one step further, by leveraging the partner ecosystem (e.g., an to educate the market in a mutual effort to help people better understand what the platform is and what the benefits of using it are. A recent survey and interview series for the IoT Platforms Market Report & Vendor Comparison 2018 revealed 4 actionable insights into how IoT Platform vendors can successfully stand out in the crowded market. Oracle’s open and integrated end-to-end IoT platform allows collecting and integrating IoT data from a variety of sources, securely and reliably. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect provides network, security and data management and updates at all network levels.

Top Internet-of-Things (IoT) Companies

Specifications for microcontrollers in IoT devices are as varied as the IoT applications themselves. Infineon’s microcontroller families provide the matching solutions, offering a broad variety of MCUs based on 32-bit Arm® architecture, Infineon’s 32-bit TriCore™ architecture, and others. These include microcontrollers in the XMC™ family and PSoC™ family that were custom-designed for IoT applications – from extremely energy-saving to extremely high-performance. The microcontrollers are backed up by an extensive portfolio of reliable, high-performance memories for embedded systems. An IoT cloud platform mainly includes features like connectivity, network management, device management, data acquisition, processing analysis and visualization, application enablement, integration, and storage.

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